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Vipul Fabrics manufactures woven elastic tapes and bands of the highest quality in India. Currently, we are able to produce approximately 1CR meter per month. In addition to polyester yarn, polypropylene yarn, cotton yarn, nylon yarn, and heat-resistant rubber thread, we use high-quality polyester yarn and polypropylene yarn.

With over 30 years of experience producing high-end woven elastic tapes, we are the leading and most trusted woven elastic manufacturer for some of the biggest brands in apparel, footwear, medical, furniture, home furnishings, sportswear, yoga, and performance apparel. Elastic items can be constructed in a wide variety of ways using woven elastics. From finely woven, heavy-duty woven elastic to woven jacquard elastic, lightweight items to heavy, stout elastic straps, they cover a wide range of applications. Stretches easily and does not narrow when stretched.

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