Leading Elastic Manufacturer

Leading Manufacturer
Of Quality Elastics

Vipul Fabrics provides a one-stop solution to all the elastic needs of being in woven elastics, knitted elastics or intimate wear elastics.

Leading Elastic Manufacturer

Your Perfect Source
for Elastic Manufacturing

Vipul Fabrics provides a one-stop solution to all the elastic needs of being in woven elastics, knitted elastics or intimate wear elastics.

Leading Elastic Manufacturer

Get Shrinkage Free
Durable Elastic Straps

Vipul Fabrics provides a one-stop solution to all the elastic needs of being in woven elastics, knitted elastics or intimate wear elastics.

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About Us

Why Should You Choose Vipul Fabrics?

As a leading provider of elastic, we have years of experience delivering products that meet end-user needs. Our commitment to quality has made us one of the best elastic manufacturers in Delhi.

Elastic Manufacturers

Manufacturing Highly Durable Elastic Straps

Vipul Fabrics is an established manufacturer of elastic, founded by Mr.Ankit Gupta. With a customer base across India, we manufacture & supply Woven Elastic Tapes, Knitted Elastic Tapes, and Innerwear Elastic Wear Tapes.

With years of experience in developing and delivering Knitted Tapes that meet end-user requirements, we have mastered the art of meeting clients’ needs. Our commitment to quality is what makes us one of the best elastic manufacturers in Delhi. Vipul Fabrics works round-the-clock to manufacture the best elastic tapes using a creative approach.

  • Woven Elastic
  • Twill Elastic
  • Knitted Elastic Tape
  • Webbing Tapes
  • Underwear Elastic
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Our Main Focus


Finest Quality Elastic

Vipul Fabrics guarantees to offer shrinkage free elastic.


Always Timely Delivery

With our commitment to meet your supply, we have a huge production capacity and orders are always abided by time limits.


24/7 Dedicated CRM

Our dedicated CRM team is here for proactive updates on orders and quality assurance.

Elastic Manufacturer

Our Products

Knitted Elastic

We are the leading and most trusted manufacturers of Best Quality knitted elastic and knitted elastic tape with a monthly production capacity of 90 lac meters. Based on customer requirements, we manufacture knitted tape in various sizes from 5 mm up to 250 mm. Currently, we manufacture three variants of knitted elastic tape: Plain Knitted Elastic, Bottom Hole Elastic, and Surgical Elastic tapes.

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Woven Elastic

Vipul Fabrics manufactures woven elastic tapes and bands of the highest quality in India. With over 30 years of experience producing high-end woven elastic tapes, we are the leading and most trusted woven elastic manufacturer for some of the biggest brands in apparel, footwear, medical, furniture, home furnishings, sportswear, yoga, and performance apparel.

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Twill Elastic

Twill Elastic is highly durable and eco-friendly, making it a popular choice for a wide variety of applications. In the fabrication of the twill elastic band, polyester and rubber of the highest quality were used. The excellent stretchability factor of twill elastic 25mm makes it ideal for waistbands and undergarments, as well as twill elastic waist pants. It is the strength, durability, wear protection capacity, and colorfastness of this twill product that makes us the best twill elastic manufacturer in India.

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Shoe Elastic

Vipul Fabrics delivers superior quality shoe elastic in accordance with international quality standards. Using sophisticated machinery and high-quality raw materials, it meets international quality standards. Our straps come in a variety of colours, designs, and specifications.

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Webbing Tapes

We at Vipul Fabrics are one of the leading companies in this market, offering a wide range of High-Quality Nylon & Elastic Webbing tapes. A wide range of industries uses this product, including garments and bags. With a wide range of applications, we are the leading manufacturers, wholesale suppliers, and exporters of webbing.

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Yes, Vipul Fabrics manufactures a variety of elastics and webbing tapes for various applications. We also provide additional services such as cutting and sewing webbing and branding labels.

The team at Vipul Fabrics can provide you with customised elastic straps based on your requirements. We have worked with many famous brands in the past. Our designers and technical staff support the market and sales terms at all times.

Vipul Fabrics offers free samples to all genuine customers. Contact us and we will provide a sample specific to your needs unless it is a custom fabric.

Orders are usually fulfilled within 10 days of stock being received by the company. In any case, if you place a big order, the delivery time may be changed due to capacity limitations.

Quality assurance begins at the source, so quality assurance is the first but most significant step. Our engineers and quality control personnel will follow each step of the weaving process, solving problems before they occur.

We follow all prevailing market trends when designing narrow fabrics and adhere to international quality standards. As one of the leading Elastic Tape Manufacturers, we work with a sense of responsibility and strive to provide the finest products to our clients.

Client,s Testimonial

See What,s Our Client
Says About Us

Mr Anil Sharma

The sky is the limit with Vipul Fabrics. Whether we need woven elastic tapes, polyester webbing tapes, or elastic straps, I can count on their team for whatever we require. As our elastic supplier, Vipul Fabrics has been a pleasure to work with. In addition to being aware of our production deadlines, the team helps streamline the entire process.

Sunil Aggarwal

Vipul Fabrics has been our constant partner for elastic straps and webbings. Besides manufacturing woven and knitted elastics, Vipul Fabrics also makes excellent quality webbings. Our move to Vipul Fabrics for the production of elastics has been very successful.

Sandeep Singhal

We are very thankful to have a company like Vipul Fabrics in our corner. Their services range from Woven & Knitted Elastics to Polyester Webbing and Velcro Elastic. I would highly recommend working with Vipul Fabrics mainly because they are so willing to work with their customers.

Ashustosh Pandey

Our favourite part about working with Vipul Fabrics is the personable, accommodating service from the sales associate, the pleasant and easy-to-work-with, and the excellent fabric selections! I look forward to continuing to do business with Vipul Fabrics.

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