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Jacquard Tapes
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About Us

Vipul Fabrics is one of the leading manufacturers of Elastic and Webbings. The unit is based at Delhi and is legally well established as per Government Norms. Although a recently started venture, Vipul Fabrics captured the market and is known for its QUALITY and TIMELY SERVICE.

The machinery used is imported from Germany and China, operated by qualified employees. Keeping in mind the changing nature of Technology and needs of the industry, Vipul Fabrics stays up-to-date on both these platforms, be it DESIGNS or MACHINERY.

Vipul Fabrics has never ignored the aspect of Product Quality and hence, we use 100% Polyester Threads, Nylon Threads and Imported Rubber for Niwar and Elastic Tapes.

Mission & Vision

icons Vipul fabrics aim at giving Quality products and Timely Service therefore giving full satisfaction to all our customers that would exceed their expectations.

icons Our vision of scaling heights would be achieved through continuous efforts of our dedicated team and staying updated with the latest developments in the industry.


icons Vipul Fabrics was started by Mr. Laxmi Narain Gupta in April 2009, under the continual guidance of Mr.Kailash Chand Gupta, owner of M/S DEEP CHAND KAILASH CHAND (established in 1958) which is a well renowned firm in the Jute industry based at Delhi.

icons Vipul Fabrics was started for manufacturing narrow woven fabrics and we soon started manufacturing many other products including Elastic Tapes, Niwar Tapes, Jacquard Tapes, Surgical Tapes, Crochet, Laces, etc.